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OSRS AFK SKilling Guide 2020

Posted on March 23, 2020 07:40

Old school Runescape has many AFK tasks. The term AFK is used in many games and stands for “away from keyboard”. This means doing an activity or task which requires very minimal effort or no effort at all. In this guide, you will learn some AFK tasks used for various different skills in Old school Runescape. It is good to keep some AFK tasks in your head so you can get in some extra experience in your skills while you are busy or away from a computer from the mobile app; perhaps on the bus or while doing some homework. It is good to note that some of these methods may require membership. You can buy cheap osrs gold from RunescapeGoldMarkt to buy bonds in game.

The first AFK skilling method in this guide is for the combat skills. We are going to be killing sand crabs. This can work for any combat skill, mage, range, attack, strength, defence and hit points will also be trained in the process too. You just want to start off this method by going to the south of Zeah by taking the boat from port Sarim (it does not require any osrs gold to use this boat). Then you want to run straight towards the south until you reach the bottom of zeah. You will notice it looks like a beach and many sand rocks will be scattered around the beach. If you are to stand one tile away from any of these sand rocks, you will see them come to life and become a monster called “sand crabs”. It is a good to stand near a spot where you see 3 or 4 sand crabs near each other so that you are constantly attacking something at all times. This should increase your experience per hour drastically. If you are using range attacks, you should bring an Ava’s accumulator or assembler because you will be burning through all your ammo very fast. You will notice that after 10 to 15 minutes, the sand rocks will no longer become sand crabs any more. This is because they are no longer aggressive because you have been in that chunk for too long. To reset them, simply run around 5 seconds away until you see the black “Loading” sign in the top left, then run back. The sand rocks will start to become sand crabs again. Repeat this process every time they don’t come to life. This is one of the most popular AFK skilling methods in the game.

The next AFK skilling method in this guide is for the smithing skill. We are going to be making cannonballs. You can also make some decent osrs gold per hour using this AFK skilling method. To start off, you want to make your way to the grand exchange. You will need some starting cash for this so if you wish to buy rsgp then you can. At the grand exchange, buy as many steel bars as you can. You will also need the ‘Dwarf cannon’ quest completed so that you can have access to the ‘Ammo mould’ item, which is needed for this method. Once you have all your steel bars. Head over to the edgeville bank and withdraw your ammo mould and fill the rest of your inventory with the steel bars you have just bought un noted. Next, make your way to the furnace which is just east, a few steps away. Then use one of your steel bars with the furnace by right clicking. Then select all. You should see that the rest of your steel bars are slowly turning into cannonballs. This process takes around 2 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to do other tasks. This is what makes this task very AFK. You can make a lot of money while getting a lot of exp at the same time. This is what makes this method very useful. This is a very popular AFK method in the game and you will see a lot of other players doing it too in almost every world you hop to.

The next AFK skilling method in this guide is for two different skills. You can choose which skill you want to choose. The tasks are both almost exactly the same. Choose between agility and strength. You want to make your way over to the blast furnace area. You can teleport here via the mini games teleports. Once you are here. You will see there are pedals which you can ride and AFK for about 5 minutes. These pedals will give you one experience per game tick which will result in around 6k experience per hour. Agility is a skill many people dislike because of how anti AFK it is. This method is the only way you can AFK agility. You can also use the use the pump in the blast furnace. This will provide you with two strength experience per game tick which will result in around 12k experience per hour which is pretty decent for something that is very AFK. All you must do is click on the screen every 5 minutes to keep your character going. These methods are very good because it does not require the player to have any osrs gold in hand to buy expensive gear or resources.

These are just a couple of Old school Runescape AFK skilling methods in the game. There are still hundreds or even thousands left that are still to be found. Hopefully this guide is useful for players.