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What exactly do we trade?

RS gold coins

RS mills are used to buy almost everything in RS that is available via trade. You can make your account stronger or better by buying better and more expensive items through the GE (Grand Exchange). Earning rs gold is a difficult process. It is therefore much easier to buy it. After you have paid you just paste your order number in our live chat at the bottom right and there you will be told where you need to be in-game to receive your rs money. The transfer is done via the exchange screen in the game itself. This is done player to player. Keep in mind that we do not own nor keep any rs gold ourselves. We function as a middleman only. This means that you receive the rs gold you bought from another active player who is willing to sell his own and thus are buying the rs gold from him, not us. We just arrange the trade between buyer and seller and take some profit. This method is done safely and securely by many verification checks to make sure the seller is trading the correct buyer. In our long history of trading experience, not one trade has gone wrong!

Trade rs gold with the one and only and you will soon realize why we are one of the most known brands in the RS gold trading scene. Trade RSGP for Paypal, Creditcard, Crypto, iDEAL, Bancontact (Mister Cash), Paysafecard, and much more. Found a better price? Send us an email and we'll see what we can do for you!

We trade RS ingame gold for RS3 and RS2007.

RS 3, Evolution or Combat (EoC) is the original version of Runescape and is the most developed. Runescape Oldschool, RS 2007, OSRS. This is a very popular game version where the latest updates aren't active and you go back in time in Runescape. Many features from Oldschool Runescape have long since disappeared from RS3 while many people find these features much better and more fun. The combat system is the perfect example of this, no abilities or other hassle.