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Delivery Information

Our delivery time ranges from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. This because we do not keep rs gold ourselves. We are dependent on sellers who sell their Runescape gold via our live chat and deliver that rs gold straight to you if you purchase from us. The reason why we handle this method of trading is because it is safer. As you may or may not know buying and selling RS gold is not allowed in Runescape and your account may get banned by doing so. If we let our rs gold sellers hand you your purchased rs gold directly then you are receiving Runescape gold from active and playing RS accounts which will not get you banned.


If you do not receive your rs gold within 3 hours after you have purchased and started your first live chat conversation with us then we will give you 5% of your paid money back! This is obviously not valid if you have left our live chat in the process of waiting. Have you waited longer than 3 hours to receive your purchase? Then email us your order ID at [email protected]