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OSRS Pay to Play Money Making Guide 2020

Posted on March 1, 2020 22:37

Old school Runescape is one of those games where gold is what makes the game flow. Money is needed for almost anything. In fact, while you are on tutorial island, one of the NPC’s teach you the importance of osrs gold. This is why it is good to keep some methods in your head about how to make osrs gold, just in case you ever need to buy that expensive item like an Armadyl godsword or imbued heart. Reading this P2P money making guide will ensure that you know several different methods to make you loaded with Old school RSGP.

The first money making method in this guide is killing Vorkath. Vorkath is one of the most popular bosses in the game because of how much osrs gold it can provide for a player. Players can expect to average around 2-4m per hour depending on how good your stats are; the better your stats, the faster your kills and ultimately, the better profit per hour. It is good to note that Vorkath is a boss unlocked after completing the quest ‘Dragon Slayer 2’. This quest is not very easy and fast to complete. It can take days, weeks or perhaps months to complete because of all the quest requirements and skill requirements. However once you complete this quest, you will see the benefits and rewards flooding in. You will also need pretty decent gear and equipment to slay this boss and this gear can add up to quite a high cost. Many players find it easier to buy osrs gold. A good place to buy gold would be RunescapeGoldMarkt. You can also sell osrs gold here too. You may even see many bots fighting the Vorkath boss due to how profitable it is. Vorkath has two special attacks which you must be aware of, otherwise you will most likely die and have to pay 100k to get your items returned. The first special attack is that Vorkath will freeze you and release an ice crab. This will crab will suicide near you. The second special attack is that he will spill green acid which do constant damage if you stand on it. This is why you need to be constantly moving around when this happens. It is a good idea to turn your run off during this special attack so you have more time to avoid the acid pools. These special attacks occur after every six normal attacks.

The next money making method in this guide is to do what is known as “flipping”. This is a very AFK task as you do not even have to be online or very active most of the time during this method. Flipping is a word that is not only unique to Old school Runescape. It is a word to describe the action of buying something for a low price and selling it for a higher price than you had originally bought it for. This concept can be applied to the grand exchange in the game. This method can make you a lot of osrs gold. However you do actually need some RSGP to start with. You can use one of the other methods if you wish to make some osrs gold to start with. What you want to do to start off, is head over to the grand exchange, located north – west of Varrock fountain. Then you want to purchase any item that is traded quite a lot in the market and purposely over pay for this particular item. This is because you want to find out what the sell price is. You should notice that the item instantly buys. Then you want to sell this item back to the grand exchange again and put the price very low. This is to find out what the buy price is. Once again, the item should instantly sell. Now you know what the buy and sell price is. You want to buy the maximum stock of this item for the buy price (which should be the lower price) and then when all the items are bought, you sell it for the sell price (which should be the higher price).  The gap between the buy and sell price is known as your profit margin. Many players buy osrs gold to start off with flipping as you do require a decent starting cash stack to do this method.

The final money making method in this guide is to kill the Zulrah boss. This boss is one of the most difficult due to how high the requirements are. It is recommended to have at least 75 magic and 75 range to be able to effectively kill this boss and make good money per hour, however it is not necessary. You also need the painfully annoying ‘Regicide’ quest completed. Many players will know how long and difficult this quest is, which is why the rewards and benefits of the quest is very good. Zulrah can make you a lot of money only once you learn the how to deal with all the rotations and phases. There are four phases for the Zulrah boss. The first one is the range phase. This is when Zulrah will be green and will use his range attack. You should be praying protect from range when this happens. You also want to attack using your magic attacks. The second phase is the melee phase. This is when Zulrah will be red and will use his melee attack. This is easily avoidable by simply stepping a few tiles away. Use magic attacks when Zulrah is red. The third phase is the mage phase. This is when Zulrah will be blue and will use his magic attack. You should pray protect from magic here. Use your range attacks. The final phase is the jad phase. This alternates between magic and range attacks and Zulrah will be green. Ultimately, Zulrah is a very good money making boss and is even nicknamed the “money snake”.

Thank you for reading.