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OSRS Fletching Guide 2020

Posted on January 26, 2020 03:04

The Fletching skill is used to create weapons and ammunition for ranged. Recently, you can also create ranged shields, blowpipes, and battlestaves through Fletching. There are over ten categories when it comes to gaining Fletching experience: creating bows, crossbows, blowpipes, ballistae, grapples, shields, arrows, darts, javelins, and bolts. As you can see, Fletching is a very versatile skill, there are a lot of ways to reach level 99. In this guide you’ll learn about the best ways to train your Fletching skill, so you can get the most experience per hour or even make profit off training Fletching. The Fletching skill is the fastest skill that you can get to 99, as long as you have sufficient OSRS gold, as there have been players who have reached level 99 under 4 hours of training.

You can buy all your Fletching supplies off the Grand Exchange, and as an ironman, you have to collect the supplies by yourself. When training your Fletching, it’s important to know the “GP per experience”, which shows how expensive or profitable a method will be when training your skill to 99. Unfortunately, prices will always change in RuneScape and therefore we cannot give you accurate calculations, but you can find calculators for this online.

Two tips before training your Fletching:

Dragonfruit pies have been released in Old School RuneScape on the 10th of January in 2019. Eating a slice of the dragonfruit pie will temporarily boost your Fletching by 4 levels. You can use this to boost your Fletching level and create items that you normally wouldn’t be able to create. You can use this to your advantage and train your Fletching faster.

The second tip is to train your Fletching while training other skills, doing quests or when traveling. You can use stackable items such as feathers and bolt tips to create bolts, this will only take 3 inventory slots and will allow you to train your Fletching while doing other activities. For example, when you’re training Agility you can create bolts between obstacles, this will get you a hefty amount of experience that you’d otherwise miss out on.

Now let’s get to training your Fletching to 99!

Method 1 - Making bows to 99 (traditional method, profitable, and semi-afkable)

This method is a traditional method which is one of the most afkable ways to train your Fletching skill. The process of making a bow involves a knife and a log, cutting it into an unstring bow, and then bow string is used to string it into a complete one. The process of cutting a bow takes 3 game ticks, which is 1.8 seconds, but stringing a bow takes 2 game ticks, so 1.2 seconds. Both of these actions will give you the same experience, so stringing will be faster experience per hour. It is more expensive to string bows on lower levels, so we recommend that you cut bows until you can string willow longbows. Below you can see how you can train your Fletching to 99 with this method, including the amount of bows you’ll need to make and how much profit you’ll make.

Note: When doing this method with a lower Fletching level, you’ll get a low amount of experience per hour. Therefore it’s smart to train your Fletching up to a higher level using a faster method, and then switching to this profitable method.

Level 1-5 - Arrow Shafts - 153 needed - 1.5k loss (~6.7K XP/HR)

Level 5-10 - Cut Shortbows - 153 needed - 3.2k loss (~6.7K XP/HR)

Level 10-20 - Cut Longbows - 332 needed - 3.6k loss (~13.5K XP/HR)

Level 20-25 - Cut Oak Shortbows - 208 needed - 7.7k loss (~22K XP/HR)

Level 25-35 - Cut Oak Longbows - 583 needed - 12k loss (~33K XP/HR)

Level 35-40 - Cut Willow Shortbows - 446 needed - 12k profit (~45K XP/HR)

Level 40-50 - String Willow Longbows - 1545 needed - 4k profit (~99K XP/HR)

Level 50-55 - String Maple Shortbows - 1307 needed - 26k profit (~120K XP/HR)

Level 55-65 - String Maple Longbows - 4851 needed - 378k profit (~140K XP/HR)

Level 65-70 - String Yew Shortbows - 4270 needed - 388k profit (~164K XP/HR)

Level 70-85 - String Yew Longbows - 33.361 needed - 5.7m profit (~180K XP/HR)

Level 85-99 - String Magic Longbows - 106.840 needed - 16.5m profit (~220K XP/HR)

Total profit: 22M.

Method 2 - Making darts (fastest way to 99 but most expensive)

The fastest way to level 99 Fletching is by making darts. You can make darts by using dart tips on feathers. The faster you can click on each one, the more experience you’ll get. Some players prefer to do this method while they’re on mobile or on a computer or laptop with a touch screen, but this is totally up to you.

Note: To save money, you can choose to make mithril darts all the way up to level 99. This will cost you around 80m, if you choose to make the best darts that you can make, you’ll get to level 99 faster but it will cost you around 160m.

Level 1-10 - Bronze Arrows - 868 needed - 7k loss

Level 10-22 - Bronze Darts - 2484 needed - 60k loss

Level 22-37 - Iron Darts - 5750 needed - 126k loss

Level 37-52 - Steel Darts - 12.825 needed - 640k loss

Level 52-67 - Mithril Darts - 37.884 needed - 2.57m loss

Level 67-81 - Adamant Darts - 109.658 needed - 13.7m loss

Level 81-95 - Rune Darts - 349.933 needed - 81.5m loss

Level 95-99 - Dragon Darts - 170.515 needed - 65.4m loss

Total loss: 160M.

Method 3 - Bolts and arrows (cheap alternatives for fast XP)

You can make bolts to save some money but still get a good amount of experience per hour. Below we’ve put three types of bolts that we recommend you to make to get a good amount of experience per hour and save some money.

Mithril Bolts - costs 0.4 gp/xp - ~500K experience per hour

Adamant Bolts - costs 1.9 gp/xp - ~700k experience per hour

Runite Bolts - costs 2.7 gp/xp - ~900k experience per hour

You can also make arrows, they can be made by using headless arrows on metal arrowtips. Every type of arrow, except for rune arrow, is a good middle-ground for experience and costs. At level 1 you can already get ~40k experience per hour, while making 200k gp per hour. If you want to train your Fletching to 99 using this alternative method, we recommend you to make steel arrows.

Level 30-99 - Steel Arrows - ~202k experience per hour - costs 1.35 gp/xp

As you can see, this is a great middle-ground. You get a decent amount of experience per hour without paying the full price.