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RS3 Double Exp Weekend

Posted on May 2, 2019 00:56

Runescape 3 Double Exp Weekends - What are they?

Double experience weekends are the weekends that a lot of Runescape players are spending a lot of hours grinding on Runescape to get that extra gains. Most of the Runescape players enjoy them and some players dislike them, however, it are weekends that you don’t want to miss as a player because who doesn’t want to rapidly level up, twice as fast as normal?

Double experience weekends are events where you as a player receive twice as much experience from basically all activities that will give you experience. Usually there are about two to three double experience weekends per year, starting on the Friday and ending on the Monday after the weekend. Back in the day, there only were bonus XP weekends, where players received bonus experience that would decrease with the duration they were logged in. Later on in October 2012 they replaced the bonus XP weekends with double XP weekends.

Jagex will always announce a double experience weekend before they activate it, which gives players a chance to prepare. Preparing for the double experience weekends can be a smart thing to do as this will maximise efficiency and experience gains. What players tend to do prior to the start of the event can be stocking up on large amounts of resources by buying them from the Grand Exchange, this could be anything from logs to fish to train Firemaking or Cooking. Players can also prepare by buying portable skilling locations, collecting divine locations, training strategically at certain locations and worlds to maximise efficiency, focus on money making methods so they can afford to train expensive skills like Herblore and Construction, upgrading weapons and combat equipment to get the most out of the double XP event, and the list goes on.

There are some limitations when it comes to double experience weekend, for example, the Invention skill works a bit differently in comparison with other skills. Item experience is gained at only 150%, discovering blueprints and using the inventor’s workbench to create items gives only 150%, and some other activities regarding the Invention skill will give only 150% experience. Quest experience rewards will not provide any bonus experience, just like experience earned through the assist system. There are also items and locations that already give bonus experience, just to name a few: brawling gloves, chaos temple, player-owned house altars, and experience lamps, when you use any of these items or locations during the double experience weekend, you won’t get any bonus experience, unfortunately. Experience rewards from certain activities won’t give you any bonus experience either, such as: daily challenges, handing in strange rocks and golden rocks, jade vine, etc. You can cannot get bonus experience from exchanging points to experience, for example, agility tickets, dungeoneering tokens, slayer incentives, or slayer contracts.

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