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OSRS Bonds - A Full Guide

Posted on January 31, 2019 13:12

What are Oldschool Runescape bonds and how are they used?

I’m sure you’ve already heard about them or already familiar with them, Runescape bonds. Runescape bonds are in-game items that you can purchase with money. The Runescape bonds were released on 30 March in 2015. Jagex made bonds so players can buy Runescape gold with real money, because you can simply buy as much bonds as you want and sell them on the Grand Exchange for Runescape gold. The price of one Runescape bond is $6.99. You can sell the Runescape bond in-game for approximately 3 million GP. You can also redeem it for membership, when redeeming one Runescape bond you’ll get 14 days of membership, when redeeming two Runescape bonds you’ll get 29 days of membership, and when redeeming three Runescape bonds you’ll get 45 days of membership, which is a total of 3 days extra when compared to redeeming the bonds separately.

When you buy a Runescape bond with real money, the bond will be tradeable so you can sell it for Runescape gold or trade it for items with another player. Although, as soon as you buy a bond from another player or you sell it to another player, the bond will become untradeable. When it becomes untradeable, you can pay 10% of the bond price to make the bond tradeable again, so that’s approximately 300,000 Runescape gold. When you’re a member and you have a Runescape bond, you can also use the bond to change your display name. You can also just simply change your name on the Runescape website in your account settings, so having a bond isn’t required in order to change your name.

If you’re ever carrying a Runescape bond while in the wilderness, don’t be afraid! Runescape bonds are always kept on death, even when you’re as deep as you can be in the wilderness. If you ever want to give a bond to ironmen for whatever reason, you can do this by using it on them, since ironmen cannot trade with other Runescape players. Runescape bond are only obtainable by buying them with real money or buying them in-game, unfortunately, there are no monsters that drop bonds and there are also no other things that can reward you a bond, but it would be pretty cool right?

Summarized, bonds are basically a way for players to buy membership by paying with Runescape gold. This is actually something a lot of players like, because not everyone can afford to pay a Runescape membership subscription. With bonds, you can simply grind the game and make your gold and buy membership with your hard earned gold, which can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Although, are bonds really a positive thing for Jagex? Players can simply buy Runescape gold from a trusted website such as and get the bonds for more than 50% cheaper. Jagex also seems to lose money because players will grind money-making methods and buy their membership subscription that way. Nevertheless, it has been a good invention for Runescape players!

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