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Runescape Skilling - What is it?

Posted on October 17, 2018 15:13

Skilling in OSRS

There are tons of skills you can train in Old School Runescape, both combat and non-combat skills. When you train non-combat skills, for example, Herblore, Agility, Woodcutting, Cooking, Mining, Smithing etc, people call it "skilling". I'm sure you've seen some skillers already in Runescape 2007, accounts with a combat level of 3 and high overall stats except for combat skills. In this article you'll learn more about the easiest skills to level up to 99, the best moneymaking skills, and some flipping.

There are some very easy skills you can level up to 99 rapidly. The first one is Cooking, as soon as you reach level 68 Cooking you can start making jugs of wines until you have level 99. You can almost get 500K XP/H, but you'll have to sacrifice 12M GP for that though. Another is the Prayer skill, it's a very expensive skill to level up but definitely one of the easiest and fastest. At a gilded altar in a player-owned-house you can get easily more than 500K XP/H. Firemaking is one of the fastest skills to level up as well, it requires a lot of clicking but with a little bit of focus you can get up to 500K XP/H. There are more skills which are easy to do but they might take a lot longer, for example, Woodcutting, Fishing, Thieving etc, are easy skills but more time-consuming.

Best OSRS Skills for RSGP?

So what are the best skills for making some rsgp? The best and most profitable skill for making Runescape gold is Runecrafting. You could make up to 1.5 M OSRS GP/H, although you'll need to spend a very long time training your Runecrafting skill because it's one of the slowest skills to level up in the game. Another very good skill is Smithing, when you make bars at the blast furnace you can make up to 1M OSRS GP/H. Hunter can make you up to 1.5M OSRS GP/H depending on your combat if you do black chins, but if you're a skiller you can count on 1M OSRS GP/H when you hunt implings. When you use Mining to mine gemstones you can make around 500K OSRS GP/H. Last but not least, you could use Thieving to steal from Rogues' Chest, unfortunately, this is in the wilderness so you'll have to be careful because your GP/H will decrease when you die. Keep in mind that these methods require a high level in the skill.

To make even more money you can do flipping at the Grand Exchange. This is pretty much an AFK method to make money, very useful if you're skilling all the time and want to increase your profits without wasting too much time. Flipping consists of buying items for cheap and selling them for a higher price for profit. You have two types of flipping, short term and long term flipping. Short term is when you buy an item and sell it within minutes to hours. This is usually less risky because the prices wont change dramatically in such a short time period. Long term flipping involves monitoring the prices of items and purchasing them when you believe the price will rise. This can be risky because the price could drop just as good as it could rise, so you'd have to make accurate predictions.

- Enjoy RS