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OSRS Quests - What are they?

Posted on October 7, 2018 12:01

Oldschool Runescape Quests

If you're looking to play Old School RuneScape, the completion of quests is paramount towards making any sort of meaningful progress on the game. There's an abundance of content that you can only access after having the completed a majority of the quests, for example, the best glove gear: Barrows Gloves, requires you to have 175 Quest Points. One of the best bosses for making gold in the game, Vorkath, requires you to have 200 Quest Points. If you're not sure what any of that means: there's a simpler way to put it: some regions of the game-world can not even be accessed without completing quests. 

What are OSRS Quests?

What are OSRS quests to begin with? It can certainly be a lot to take on. Essentially, you will be helping NPCs (non-playable characters), with their problems, for example you may be slaying a disruptive dragon. There's a lot of combat and dialogue involved and in some cases, puzzle-solving. You will also need the necessary items, whether you gather them beforehand or during the quest, to progress.

Each quest has two classifications, its length and its difficulty. It may also have minimum skill requirements in addition to listing enemies you may have to beat: very useful in case you have low combat skills and are about to kill a level 300 monster! The length is self-explanatory, short, medium, long and very long - though you can always log out and return later. The difficulties are classified by: novice, intermediate, experienced, master and grandmaster. Quests receive a difficulty rating from their combat and puzzles.

In many cases, quests follow a specific story-line that will be continued by another quest (which requires completion of the first quest). There are some one-off quests that are more comedic in nature. At the time of publication, there are 20 Free-to-Play quests (offering 42 Quest Points altogether which is required for some other quests) and 119 Members quests (awarding 224 quest points).  It is highly recommended to complete OSRS quests, whether you do them yourself, with the aid of the wiki or video guides, as they will reward you a lot of the time with useful items and experience in skills so you can skip out tedious early-leveling: which is beneficial as later on you'll likely end up having to complete most quests in the game.

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